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iPad is a wonderful tool and gadget fans will be so desirable to have one. But unfortunately iPad is not fully offers more advantages when compared to the smartphone or laptop.

iPad first impression is very positive. Apple once again successfully created a product that is very comfortable in hand, and familiar user interface borrowed from the iPhone and iPod touch.

This device is very nice as a gaming platform, or to view web pages. Opening applications, resizing web pages, to zoom into a small or large can also be done instantly.

Developers also have completed iPad with customized applications and services. The new iWork suite is optimized for quick and easier touch.

Steve Jobs earlier declared that Apple wills going to create a third category of devices between smartphones and laptops and it should be better in performing a certain tasks.

For a variety of ways, Steve Job statement was true. Browsing the web on iPad is far better than the iPhone. Because of the large screen, flip through photos, play music and movies on the iPad is more fun than on laptop.

But in some important aspects, iPad function was nothing more than iPod touch in larger size. The lack of Flash support is also a big problem, because iPad big screen is designed to display multimedia content and the best full-screen browsing experience.

IPad inability for multitasking job can also be very hampering its appeal.

While the e-reader application, “iBooks” could get a special note. Virtual bookshelves, where books are stored digitally are the best example of Apple's design which is elegant, simple, and easy to use.

But Apple backlighting display a bit too sharp and cause eye fatigue. Although its functionality was okay but the e-Ink is not very interesting.