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Still from the "rock and roll" event which is held by Apple. Apple did not forget to update the iPod Shuffle line by releasing 3 new colors pink, blue, and green. This iPod Shuffle 2GB capacity priced USD59, while for the 4GB capacity priced USD 79.

Apple also announced a limited edition of iPod Shuffle. Overall limited edition of iPod Shuffle is, whether a new color or old colors, get a new bandage materials. This time Shuffle wrapped with stainless Steel, making Shuffle look shiny. To get this limited edition product, you must purchase through the Apple Store.

The press conference visitors back stunned when Apple announced the latest generation of iPod Touch, the iPod Touch 3G. One of the advantages of the latest generation iPod Touch is the inclusion of OpenGL 2.0 features. With this feature, Touch 3G certainly able to bring the game with picture quality better than its predecessor.

Some experts argue that there is the possibility of hardware that was carried by the same 3G iPod Touch with the iPhone carried by 3GS. The conclusion was drawn after seeing OpenGL 2.0 capabilities on this hardware.

In the event there also a demo of two games that will be present at the Touch 3G. Like artificial Madden NFL 2010 EA Games; Nova, FPS game made by Gameloft, Riddim Ribbon, the music game ala Rock Band is also made by Gameloft, and Bart Decrem from Tapulous, game-style Price of Persia Ubisoft made. Both games will be available on Apple App Store.

With increasingly the 3G iPod Touch's ability to play certain games, shows that Apple wants also jumped into the console market which is currently dominated by the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. It is increasingly punctuated with Apple's promise to increase their gaming applications on the App Store.

For iPod Touch 8GB will dibanderol price USD199, 32GB USD299, USD399 and 64GB.

Pic by : afterdawn