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iPad presence really makes the gadget fans turned around and continued to talk about Apple iPad tablets. Unfortunately, not everybody love the iPad as a tablet as a must have gadget.

Well, if you really want a tablet in hand, you can choose one or more from 7 alternative recommendations tablet that can be your alternative option with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Here's a list of 7 alternatives tablets :

1. Alex eBok Reader
Although Alex eBok Reader was entered into eReader category, but Alex eBok Reader have other great advantage. Alex eBok Reader is the eReader which is already running on the Android operating system, so you can browse the site, send email, and access the Android Marketplace through Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

Another positive value is Alex eReader comes with two screens that can be connected so that the content on small screen can easily seen on the big screen. For under screen is sized 3.5-inch, while upper screen is sized 6-inch screen.

Alex eBok Reader advantage over the iPad:
- Alex eBok Reader has a USB charging
- Substitutes can replace the battery

- Small screen
- Storage space is not large enough

2. Entourage dualbook
This tablet has two screens combined with a hinge which can also be held by the user. Entourage dualbook is much better than a netbook.

Entourage dualbook advantages over the iPad
- More real touchscreen
- Has a SD card slot
- Having a USB port

- No 3G
- Memory storage is not large enough

3. WePad
WePad probably is the most complete alternative for iPad, with the support of the Linux operating system and access to the Android Marketplace. Besides that WePad price is far cheaper than Apple tablet.

WePad advantages over the iPad
- There's Webcam
- USB port Installed
- Multitasking
- Works with all eBook formats
- Bigger screen
- Support Flash

- Storage space is small
- Until now WePad is not available

4. Lenovo Skylight Smartbook
Yes, this is a netbook but it could be given the opportunity as iPad competitor. Lenovo Skylight Smartbook comes with a battery lasting for 10 hours, and 10 inch bright screen. The 3G networks are capable to run with maximum power

Lenovo Skylight Smartbook advantages over the iPad
- Full keyboard
- It has a USB port
- Comes with SD card slot

- No touchscreen

5. Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid
This one is still a netbook! Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid with Intel CULV plus supported by Windows 7. The 3G network connectivity, 128GB SSD. The Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid is scheduled to be release on summer 2010.

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid advantages over the iPad
- Supported Windows 7
- Two in One design
- Bigger screen

- No access to the App Store
- It may be more expensive

6. ExoPac
ExoPC probably is the best iPad alternative for Apple haters. As long as they feel comfortable having artificial iPad, certainly ExoPac worth to be owned. ExoPac scheduled to be released on this spring.

ExoPac advantages over the iPad
- It has an SD card slot
- The battery can be replaced
- Supports Flash and Silverlight
- It has a USB port

- No access to the App Store
- Batteries life is only for 4 hours

7. Smartphones and finally, your smartphone really should be considered as iPad alternative. Think about what IPad can do and then compare it with your smartphone. This could be a Palm Pre, Droid, HD2, or even iPhone.

With smartphone you can surf the web, editing photos, reading sheet music, play electronic instruments, reading comics, watching TV, playing racing games, etc. Of course, iPad has a larger screen for better exploitation, but generally both of them have the same functions.