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Mozilla make sure that they will bring the Firefox browser for Android operating system in 2010. But Mozilla will release it only the beta version for Android phones.

"We will provide the first FireFox browser for Android, and the next few months you will get the final version. We hope this beta version will come this year. That's for sure," said Jay Sullivan, Mozilla Vice President of Mobile.

Mozilla promised to make the best browser for Android users. The browser will use Gecko platform and claimed capable to run fast in Android. This Firefox for Android browser is promised will not much different with available browsers for desktop version.

Beside for Android, Sullivan also said that Mozilla would also adopt MeeGo OS used in Nokia N900 and N810 Internet Tablet.

"We will continue to develop a browser for MeeGo," he said.

But unfortunately, Sullivan brings bad news for Windows Mobile user. Mozilla will no longer develop the browser to the Microsoft operating system. Likely Mozilla will develop a new Mozilla browser when native development kit (NDK) for Windows Mobile 7.