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If Windows Mobile getting fierce competition from Opera Mini. Nokia would prefer to have their own browser for their mobile phones.

Reportedly, Nokia has agreed to acquire mobile browser Provider Company called Novarra. Novarra acquisition is as Nokia effort to improve the browsing capabilities on Nokia mobile phones, especially for low-end and mid-range segment.

The data show that the use of wireless internet (mobile internet) will increase in 2010 and beyond. Therefore, almost all smart phone vendors followed Apple's iPhone footstep and continue to strive to compete with these devices. Even many of those vendors who prefer to have their own Internet browser to attach on their own smart phone.

So far, Novarra have to be tough to face competition from other services such as Opera browser and Myriad. Both companies are also reportedly intensified approach to telecommunications operators, which in fact is an important medium to distribute their browsers to the wider market.

Unfortunately, Nokia did not want to disclose this Novara acquisition news. However, this agreement is rumored to be final in June.