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Fujitsu finally handed over the rights of iPad name to Apple. Based on Patent and Trademark Office United States report, Fujitsu has signed the iPad name rights to Apple last week.

AsiaOne Digital, Sunday (28/3/2010), announces that on March 17, 2010, iPad name officially switch to Apple. Even Fujitsu already has held iPad name since 2003.

However, there is no further explanation about the transactions from both companies.

As is known, Fujitsu has used iPad name for one of Fujitsu portable computer products. However, Fujitsu did not throw the product officially to the market, until the iPad name was abandoned.

Actually Apple knows that iPad already patented by Fujitsu. Unfortunately, Apple seemed to challenge Fujitsu by releasing Apple iPad tablet.

Beside Fujitsu, in fact, some companies also use iPad name for its product. Call it, microchip company Siemens and STMicroelectronics who also uses the word iPad.