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Apple just released the iPad, a Apple tablet computer that predicted going to be a revolutionary gadget. However iPad name could potentially becoming a lawsuit trigger related to copyright violation.

Japanese technology vendor, Fujitsu which is already has the rights for iPad name. Fujitsu register iPad name in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office since 2003 for handheld computing devices.

Actually Apple party is aware about iPad name. But they want to fight Fujitsu that have the rights for iPad name. Apple think Fujitsu does not seem have strong commitment to keep iPad name copyright.

Apple registered a petition to U.S. patent office to have the iPad name. Apple showed more evidence deserves to have the right to iPad, because the name has such as similar to iPod name.

But Fujitsu does not seem will stay silent. They looked so disappointed by Apple act using iPad name.

"They may have to talk to us first and we never have communication with Apple," said Fujitsu's lawyer, Edward Pennington to BussinesWeek.