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San Francisco - Apple managed to create songs and applications that can be sold via mobile phone with the launch of iPhone. Because of it publishers also hope that Apple can releases newspapers and magazines that can be sold via Internet through Apple tablet, which was will be released on Wednesday (27/1).

Since Internet came up and attracts many users, ordinary publisher media like newspaper or magazine has to suffer because user can read for free.

Apple, with their new tablet product which will be released in two days ahead, maybe the savior. Tablet is similar to Amazon Kindle. The difference is, Apple Tablet completed with telecommunications devices like laptop and mobile phone.

If people willing to pay for a song that they want, Publisher media like newspaper and magazine also have the hope that people will pay for the news that they read from Apple Tablet.

Steve Jobs did not want ordinary media like newspaper and magazine have to die because of Internet.

Steve Jobs believes that democracy depends on freedom of the press and depending on the press professionalism.

"Apple's increase the smart phone market by launching the iPhone and, presumably they would do it again, if they go into the tablet market, they will boost their speed there," said Thomas J. Wallace, director of Conde Nast notice.

To be successful with the tablet or electronic reading devices like Amazon Kindle, press publisher must change their strategy. People, who use these tools, or tablets, will not get the same product with the online version.

But the change has already begun. Since October ago, Wall Street Journal began to charge for some of the news that is can only read via iPhone. Esquire and GQ magazines even go further. They sell their iPhone version for U.S. $ 2.99 per edition or less.

While New York Times has announced that starting in next year, readers of the online version have to pay to read their article.

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