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Samsung now has been busy launching smart mobile phones into omnia touchscreen mobile phone range. One of them is a Jet.

Jet is a Samsung mobile phone with a hybrid combination that is quite interesting. Jet has a processor with a speed of 800 MHz, 5 MP cameras, screen size 3.1 inch AMOLED, Dolfing browser with WebKit basis, and various multimedia capabilities including support for DivX files. Other features of this mobile phone are quite complete, such as built-in GPS and DNS also SRS Sound Effects.

Unfortunately, this mobile phone running on the
TouchWiz 2.0 platform not Windows Mobile 6.1 OS like their other similar product. So it is not quite appropriate if Jet called as smartphone, even though Jets smarter compare with other non OS mobile phone.

Responsive TouchWiz interface present the home screen in 3D style. In addition, users can select different widgets to be displayed in the home screen, such as weather information until simple entertaining game.

However, in the JET launching event, Samsung brave enough to say that JET more powerful compare with iPhone. In the JET launching event, Derek Williamson, Samsung MD region for UK and Ireland offer JET as an alternative for iPhone. According to Williamson, from the hardware side, Jet is far more superior compare with iPhone's because of bright AMOLED screen and a faster processor.

Samsung also prepare for the app store that will compete with Apple and Nokia which is will be launched soon. However, considering the TouchWiz is not OS open source, they only can provide a widget content only, not like the application that iPhone can provided.

So what do you think, is it Samsung Jet's smarter compare with iPhone?


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