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Technology surely allows the ability of robots move ahead to match with people. Now, robot designer's Waseda University, Japan create the latest innovation of a robot, that has the ability to read the book.

The robot named Ninomiya-kun has one meter high and the body made from 25 kilograms aluminum. Ninomiya-kun can read a text written in books, newspapers, magazines and others, quoted from the site Pink Tentacle, Monday (15/6/2009).

To recognize the character letter, Ninomiya-kun is equipped with software that being installed on the computer behind Ninomiya-kun back. This software helps Ninomiya-kun robot to translate the text and being sounded by voice synthesizer.

Although Ninomiya-kun still sound like voice machine, the robot designer has been trying to make it sounds real. By doing so, Ninomiya-kun robot which is based on android robot will be able to read the story tale for the children before they going to sleep.

Ninomiya-kun can recognize up to 2000 kanji characters, hiragana and katakana. This robot kid also can read the primary book school with alphabet letters.

The Ninomiya-kun robot designer will develop the robot Ninomiya-kun further. They plan to upgrade the engine in the camera so that the robot is able to read complex reading material.

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Dwacon® said... @ June 26, 2009 at 9:39 AM

Most kids don't read.. so might as well have robots that do...

HiTechno Corner said... @ June 26, 2009 at 5:11 PM

Dwacon : You are so true :D

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