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Today the competition between internet browser providers becomes tight competition. This tight competition happens between Internet exploler and mozzila firefox browser that today most internet user use them. The competition becoming harder with Opera and innovative new google chrome present in internet browser industry.

Some time ago opera issued opera beta 10, firefox released 3.5 firefox and google chrome recently released google chrome 2. This activity seemly pushes microsoft to release Internet Exploler 8 RC 1, but this version is still in Beta version.

It shows, that Microsoft certainly does not want their competitors eat Microsoft position on the net. I already tried Internet Explorer 8 and the benefits are as follows:

1. In Private Browsing
Same with Firefox and Google Chrome, Internet Explorer also has a history remover feature. This feature gives you security in browsing the Internet, when you close Internet explorer8, history and cookies will be deleted automatically, so your privacy will be protected.

2. Reopen Closed Tabs
Just like Google Chrome when you open a new tab in Internet Explorer it will give you the sites list that you recently open. This feature allows you to speed up the site that you often visit with a single click on a list of sites -site that you open frequently.

3. Accelerator
One of the great features on Internet Explorer 8 RC1 is Accelerator that allows user to access services on the Internet without leaving the current opened page.

4. Web slices
The function is almost similar to RSS, so we can monitor the progress on someone blog without visiting it.

5. Search Suggestions
This feature similar to the browser belongs to Google, when you type the name in Internet Explorer web browser, Internet Explorer automatically search for the appropriate web address you type.

6. SmartScreen Filter
New features in Internet Explorer 8 that protects you against dangerous sites that can stole your private data.

Sounds good don`t you think ???