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One thing that particularly annoy us when we using computer is computer virus!!! True isn`t it??? Some say "best defense is attack" is indeed true . But the fact is if we do have attacker who can attack us? What we will do??? And the answer will be defense. Defense mean we try to avoid our computer or laptop infected by some bad computer virus. Of course it wil be best if you have antivirus installed on your PC but you know that sometimes virus can attack your PC even you have the newest antivirus. So here are some tips to defense your computer :

1. Protect your floppy disc or USB flash disc.
If you still have to use it into your computer that infected by viruses, just set your floppy disk or USB flash disc to "read only".

2. Be careful with attachment file
If you want to open it just scan it first before you open it.

3. Do not indiscriminate clicking the suspicious file
If found file Photo but have Photo.exe most of this kind of file have virus behind it.

4. Non activate windows scripting host
Most of the viruses circulating at this time using visual basic (vb), if we disable windows scripting host, at least we already minimize the risk.

5. Use DeepFrezee
This method may be regarded quite powerful as well. This method is like we open a food and we closed it so the fly will not come again. The point is on we free our computer system C:
Pic by : nepalnews