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Apparently, the certainties of iPad arrival time will be the same as Steve Jobs commitment. Reportedly, iPad would slide into the market on March 26.

Rumors that was launched via Ubergizmo states that the date is almost the same as Steve Jobs statement that Apple iPad will be released two months after iPad was introduced on January 27.

Along with the news, Apple employees will receive training on how to use iPad before March 10 and the television ads for iPad will begin broadcasting on March 15.

iPad, according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, has a function with a variety of key applications, which is useful as a tool of social networking, gaming, digital books and more. As a new product, eventually all the Software Development Kit new iPhone will be compatible for iPad too.

As a multimedia tool, iPad appears to be more functioned as eBooks because there is a fact that Apple simultaneously introduced the application for iPad namely iBook, and also establish iBook Store.

The presence of this iBook store is woven together with five publishers to sell a book at the new online book store. iBook itself already supports the Epub format.