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After Kindle and Nook, eReader enter the market with the arrival of Asus ePaper. Asus will try to challenge Amazon and Barnes & Noble with Asus DR-900, an eReader is quite mild, with a thickness 9 millimeters only.

Indeed, eReader Asus has been published for the first time at CeBIT 2010 some time ago.

With 9-inch screen, Asus DR-900 is equipped with a gray screen that has a resolution approximately 1024 x 768 pixels. Also completed with a touch sensitive screen, unlike most current eReader on the market, Asus DR-900 is also able to translate handwriting.

Asus DR-900 has a battery life up to two weeks, and added a spare battery. An additional feature on Asus DR-900 is integrated wifi connection for web browsing, 3.5 G network connection, speakers, and the ability to display the PDF file format, TXT, MP3, Epub are not protected, HTML, JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.