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Microsoft seems to know exactly how to make position as a “friends” for their fellow competitors. The proof is, Microsoft create an application for their opponent platform.

A few months ago, Microsoft had actually made a lot of people surprised by their decision to develop several applications, including Bing on Apple platform, which can run on smart phones iPhone. People can found so easily Bing application on the App Store.

Now, after Bing application successfully received on the iPhone operating system. Now, Microsoft also will provide similar applications intended for Android operating system, an open platform developed by Google. And as you all know, Microsoft also developed operating system for mobile phone namely Windows Phone, formerly called Windows Mobile.

According to Microsoft, the companies do not mind their technology walking in other platforms, even between Microsoft and the other companies involved in the hard business competition. In fact, they did not hesitate to create applications that can run on Windows Mobile, J2ME, BlackBerry and Symbian S60.

Money is still money, doesn`t matter at all even the money come from your enemy right?