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A touch screen BlackBerry phone hybrid QWERTY prototype leaked by Cellguru. Unfortunately, BlackBerry phone hybrid QWERTY will never come to the assembly stage.

The phone is known as the BlackBerry Magnum the rumors in recent months. BlackBerry Magnum will become QWERTY mobile phones just like BlackBerry products, but has a sensitive touch screen.

BlackBerry Magnum if it was produced it would be the first mobile phone that is different from the previous BlackBerry. It still will shows the BlackBerry Bold design prototype but having more aerodynamic style.

Separate from the BlackBerry Magnum concept, RIM has also launched other touch screen phone project called as BlackBerry Dakota. The device is not much different from BlackBerry 9000 Bold design.

BlackBerry Dakota also has liquid sporty lens camera with that changes the focus size better than the heavy mechanical method focus.

BlackBerry Dakota is expected to present in more streamlined design shape.