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Lenovo PC brand says that their cell phone that based on Google Android will not be affected with the hard argument that happen between Google and China government.

Lenovo also expects that their handset business will grow bigger than their traditional PC business.

"Lenovo plans to launch the newest LePhone mobile in May 2010 with China Unicom cooperation, the second largest provider in China," says CEO Yang Yuanqing in Hong Kong.

Lenovo as computer manufacturer will still use Android operating system in LePhone, following the repurchase of their cell phone unit.

Google surprised the public last week because Google will leave China's market after China being hacker’s target. Google “leaving China rumors” raises many questions whether Google's move plan will affect the hardware makers who use the software in Google product.

Yang Yuanqing said that Lenovo will continue to use Google Android operating system because it is open source. He declined to explain whether LePhone will include Google search engine feature, but he said that Lenovo Lephone handset will insert a feature of large site in China such as Sina.com, Sohu.com and Tencent.

"I hope that Lenovo mobile division could gain the same status as Lenovo PC business in the future," said Yang.

Lenovo's started handset business in China since 2008 and focus to PC business market.

But today PC and handset already has been converging in such a way as the development of netbooks and smart phones. Lenovo announced in November 2009 they will acquire a variety of businesses with a total investment value U.S. $ 200 million