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Bedazzled Game is a great flash game that can be your option to have some fun playing online game in Kongregate. Bedazzled game is fun game and can be played by anybody at any age.

To play is quite easy you are only has to swap the gems to create a matching set of three or more by horizontally or vertically.

But you have to match it according the timer and if match with the timer setup you will get bonus point.

So easy right???

Bedazzled seems like other game that we are all already know for example Tetris game.

But the difference between Tetris and Bedazzled is, in Tetris we use blocks that we have to put in certain order but in Bedazzled we use jewels to match.

By clicking two jewels to swap and to match them horizontally or vertically and when the jewel us dazzling, we will get double points!

So easy fun and attractive and now it is time to you to take your intelligent to the test with this great fun Bedazzled games and tell us your points OK???