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TechCrunch hacked!!!

Wow I bet many people is hardly can not to believe that TechCrunch as the biggest site in technology is hacked. TechCrunch is being hacked on 10:20pm PDT Monday (Jan 25). On TechCrunch, visitor can only see : “Hi”. All TechCrunch main content completely shutdown but the sub domains are still in good condition.

Keith Dsouza said through his twitter the hack appeared to be server based, and not a DNS based hack. TechCrunch until this time is not giving any information about this incident.

When TechCrunch is being hacked there are some different TechCrunch site appearance like you can see bellow :

TechCrunch is build based on wordpress as site platform and I believe TechCrunch must be using the latest wordpress version but still the hacker succeeded to hack biggest site like TechCrunch.

About what is the motivation and man behind the TechCrunch hacked incident seems like will be a mystery.