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Bing new search engine made by Microsoft and many people says that this new search engine is Google closer competitor. Bing Search Engine released on 4 June 2009. Bing looks so fresh because covered with image background which is very interesting.

Even Bing still in beta features but we can enjoy all the Bing features just like Google. We can search based on the group: Web (for web site page), and Images (for pictures). Bing also offered News (for news) and xRank (to know who and what the most searched at this time). xRank feature seems like rank feature on Live search engine.

The featured offered by Bing Search Engine:

* Best Match: Relevant search results and links will appear the most relevant search will be shown on top of the list
* Instant Answers: Only with one click, you can directly access the information in the search results
* Bing Maps: Map for Enterprise is the Virtual Earth mapping platform which is own by Microsoft
* Bing Travel Rate Key: comparison of the location of the hotel, the price will be displayed in red text.

Want to see and feel the new way to search on the net ??? Just go to www.bing.com now.