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Free Symbian Mobile Software : Symbian will take no charge for their software that provides power to almost all smart phones in the world. Open-source version will soon become public goods. The company began to prepare these steps after Nokia Corp as the largest mobile phone maker in the world of Symbian has bought the consortiums that produce the symbian software.

Nokia decided to provide the software extensively to make it more popular in the eyes of producers, an unusual step in technology world. Lee Williams, says that today they have completed the largest conversion of proprietary software into open source.

This means that the code source or software blueprint will be available for everyone. However the software which is still associated with some mobile phone features still will be launched this year. Open-source version of the latest software named as Symbian 3rd and will replace the 60 series.

Symbian software today is used by more than 330 million mobile phones around the world. Symbian will face new competition in the dynamic arena of smart phones from Apple iPhone and Google Android system.

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