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Sony Ericsson reveals the Aspen cover. Aspen is part of Sony Ericsson GreenHeart range of environmentally friendly smartphone. The phone's was built from recycled plastic and use water-based paint.

And the new smartphone-oriented businesses from Sonny Ericsson will be the first smartphone that using Windows Mobile 6.5.3. The new operating system adding some support for touch screen capacity, multi-touch and various users interface are improvements that replace the old menus and navigation elements.

Windows Mobile 6.5.3 is Microsoft efforts to improve the lackluster of 6.5 versions and for preparation step for Microsoft Windows Mobile 7. For this reason, Microsoft described Aspen as a "business phone with a conscience," although it is unclear whether this new smartphone is really capable of distinguishing between right and wrong.

For business users Aspen brings a QWERTY keyboard features and offers users the ability to view and edit office files so easily and comfortable. Microsoft MyPhone service that useful when the device is lost or stolen is also a part of the package.