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Google suspected will immediately after the Apple iPad. This rumors cam up because of Google post a video that showed Chrome operating system on a tablet computer.

Videos that appear on Chromium site the home of open source project to create the operating system and application for Google Chrome web crawl shows the use of inter-face tablets.

Even Chromium is not Google official site, but the video concept was submitted by Glen Murphy, a one of Google Chrome operating system designer.

Google is also reportedly having discussion with HTC (Taiwan electronics giant) about making touch-screen tablet computer. HTC is known has repeatedly made phone that using Google's Android operating system, one of HTC design and manufacturing is the Google Nexus One.

Documents that being uploading in Chromium website showed a tablet device running Google Chrome operating system and require the display from 5 to 10 inches. The system also features optimized interface that allows manipulation of programs and other software so easily on the screen.

The system also supports multi-touch gesture such as direct shift up or down the page or document. The system from Google tablet also meets with the vertical and horizontal mode with container to put the program icon that can be hidden to save a greater screen.

Last week Apple launched the Apple tablet computer iPad a stylish touch screen computer that is having similar form with iPod Touch. The device has obtained many reviews from technology experts and industry that criticized the iPad inability to work with multiple tasks simultaneously. Including the lack of Flash support even many people also said that iPad already successful creating modern stylish tablet device.

Several electronics producer including HP are also suspected working on their own tablet computers.
Google Tablet UI concept [Chrome OS] Video