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Steve Wozniak, Apple Co Founder says that Google Nexus One phone is his favorite gadget. Wozniak said he bought Google Nexus One at the first day Nexus One being released.

When asked about his favorite gadgets, Steve Wozniak said, "the latest products! But it doesn`t mean to Apple products, but to Google Nexus One.

However, Steve Wozniak said that he still has two iPhone. "It is too valuable to say that one product is bad products and others are good product," said Steve Wozniak.

Steve Wozniak said that neither iPhone or Google Nexus One are equal, Steve also had a Droid Motorola that run Android operating system.

"Sometimes I use Droid Motorola and also Nexus One," Steve Wozniak said.

Sometimes, I think to have a BlackBerry is a good idea, but my main phone is still iPhone. "

Steve Wozniak said he has had hundreds of different mobile phone during the last two decades, including VIP Motorola phone that are not available in the market.

"I spent four months with the activity using BlackBerry as my primary phone," Steve said.

"I do not really like it. I also had some Android phones that initially grab my attention. Droid and Google Nexus One is a very nice phone, but it is not true if every Android phone is good."

Even Steve Wozniak was still working on several Apple projects, Steve says that he doesn`t like to treat Apple so special, like a religion.

Steve Wozniak had previously criticized iPhone first generation that does not support 3G technology and has not opened wide enough for content developers. He hack his iPhone itself so that it can be used for various programs and software.