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Microsoft is ready to publish the new mobile phone operating system or windows mobile 7. Microsoft will display their new windows mobile 7 software at the Mobile World Congress in Netherlands next month.

"Microsoft is counting on every opportunity for Windows Mobile software on mobile consumers and producers. From the latest development of Windows Mobile 6.5, which came out in October, turn out Windows Mobile 6.5 is not enough to accommodate the software capabilities, "said Matt Rosoff, Kirkland Microsoft analyst.

Debbie Anderson Microsoft spokesman based in Redmond Washington, declined to comment about the timing of mobile phone operating system 7 software announcements. "We always work for future versions and nothing can be announced," Debbie Anderson said.

CEO Steve Ballmer also said last year that windows mobile 7 software will come out in 2010. Microsoft does not manufacture the phone itself, only the operating system to the partners that use it.

Recently Windows Mobile has lost their market share from Apple's iPhone, Research In Motion BlackBerry and models that using Google Android software.

Android is the operating system that is freely available and used by Motorola Inc, HTC Corp. and other producers. Google, based in Mountain View California introduced Google Nexus One phone based on Android this January.

"Android is a threat that specifically capable to win handset makers heart instead of using Windows software," Rosoff said.