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Recently Nokia shows their proposal for Symbian operating system 4. The systems that provide facilities for easier interface for user will replace the Symbian S60.

A post on Symbian forum shows that the new Nokia Symbian operating system 4 interface concepts were more supportive for web.

The attached proposal including many details of what we can expected from the Nokia Symbian operating system 4, technical specifications and a number of other concept.

Proposals that have been approved by Elizabeth Dykstra Erickson, Head of User Experience Symbian Unit said that the symbian 4 details are carrying S60 user experience.

Nokia plans to develop these facilities with multiple meanings, including applying the same consistency in native user interface application, introduced and storage guidelines to ensuring certain tasks run well such as editing the settings or energy sources options.

Android move screen to produce a multi touch screen panel for the widget, where Symbian 4 is actively offers advantages of unique independent pages.

All of the symbian 4 information being offered and still in the proposal stage so there will be many changes to Symbian 4 until is really present.

Unfortunately Nokia is currently does not have an operating system that specifically developed for touch screen devices. Nokia today only have Symbian S60 modification.