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Asus boss Jerry Shen, has confirmed that Affordable Asus Smartbook will be launched in first quarter of 2010, with affordable prices USD184. Jerry Shen said that Smartbook has potential growth and high volume, and this is the reason for ASUS to make Smartbook as 'secret weapon', beside Eee PC.

Shen said that innovation, price and competitive speed from ASUS will be the key that will be accepted in many manufacturing world.

Smartbook, eBooks, or tablet product innovation has become the subject of internal and brainstorming committee that will run from 6 months ahead to the future with direction and purpose to display Asus Smartbook in the event Smartbook CeBIT and Computex 2010.

Smartbook ASUS is equipped with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, operating system Android, and Internet browser. The basic idea by making Smartbook according Shen, is to create a highly portable device with multiple connectivity and network with affordable prices than netbook.

Good news from Asus to us all right???

Pic by : memoryhouse