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Media conglomerates, Rupert Murdoch will block Google in the future. In the future all Rupert Murdoch media content will not enter into Google search index anymore.

Rupert Murdoch said this idea is a step to encourage people to pay for online content.

In an interview with SkyNews Australia Murdoch said will applied this idea to his media first, like The Times, The Sun, and the Wall Street Journal.

A few months ago, Rupert Murdoch had been shot spicy statements to Google that he regarded Google as parasites and Kleptomania. The reason is, Google often include other people stories, including the Google News page.

"I think we'll get rid of Google, but shortly after we apply to made society pay for the content, we are ready to begin with Wall Street Journal. If you are not a WSJ.com customer, you will only get first paragraph and registration form, "said Murdoch.

Currently, customers who visit WSJ.com via Google's search results still can read full news but in the future, readers will not be able to access it again.

The plan to collecting fees for online newspapers will be applied in 2010. But until today there is no certain date on Rupert Murdoch plan "I never promised when we'll apply," said Murdoch.

"Google, Microsoft, Ask.com, are not supposed to get everything for free all the time," said Murdoch.

Pic by : haisentito, vanityfair.