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Apple reportedly is developing an iPhone version of CDMA that can be mass produced in September 2010.

The Wall Street Journal reported Apple was working on a CDMA iPhone that might be marketed by Verizon Wireless. The second version of the iPhone is also under development by Hon Hai.

In accordance with Journal notes, it's no secret anymore that Apple was developing new iPhone types.

Usually Apple has updated their iPhone product line every month in June or July.

iPhone with Verizon as the brand reports come to surfaced in 2009, when USA Today wrote the same conclusion. The article also reported that both sides have been talking each other in 2005.

But the article does not mention any features from the phone.

At that time, both Apple and Verizon does not look warmly discussing the concept of CDMA mobile iPhone. But both of them indicated that Verizon iPhone will use LTE network technology.

"There is a lot of speculation that is not true about CDMA iPhone in the long term. We have not seen one, and only Apple who know exactly what happened, "said AT & T spokesman.