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After releasing iPad, Apple keep on moving forward and now Apple plans to issue new advanced technology.

The new technology is a tool that will replace ordinary key to locks doors, car doors, as well as the office door. iKey allows users to open or close the door from a distance without having to bother carrying a key.

Patents for iKey devices have been proposed to the U.S. Apple Pattent Office. "The model of this device is likely to have a similar model to the iPhone," Apple wrote in their patent proposal.

IKey is also rumored not only will be produced in the form of a device, but iKey applications can also be downloaded by iPhone users.

IKey working principle is not much different from existing technologies such as pass cards which are often used by employees to open the office door by swiping the card. Apple plans to produce the iKey to replace, keys, cards to open or close the door from a certain distance.

However, Apple spokesman declined to comment on the iKey technologies that will be released by them.