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A report on BusinessInsider.com called Mark Zuckerberg Facebook founder has been cheating by hacking his competitors email account.

Mark Zuckerberg CEO and Facebook founder a successful social networking site in the world were also accused with two privacy violations.

Nicholas Carlson, senior editor at Silicon Alley Insider who confessed has been running a two-year investigation about it, find what he claims as a evidence of Mark Zuckerberg hacking activity in 2004.

"New information discovered by Silicon Alley Insider about several complaints [in court cases since 2007] against Mark Zuckerberg is valid," the report said.

"It also shows that at least one occasion in 2004, Mark uses login data taken from the Facebook server to go into Facebook members private email account and read the content," the report continued.

Mark also allegedly hacked company competitors system and change some user information with the aim of making the site is less useful.

"Over the last two years, we have been interviewed more than a dozen sources who familiar with the aspects of this story - including those who involved in the founding years of the company".

"We also have reviewed what we believe to be the record of IM (instant messaging) and email from that period. Much of this information is never being published before. None has ever confirmed or ratified by Mark or the company," the report said.