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After success with several phones that binds with Android operating system, including the close relationship to Google, many people say that HTC will be loyal to Android and will break their relationship with Windows Mobile.

About this news HTC directly give their response through HTC CEO Peter Chou that say will remain loyal with Microsoft operating system. As a form of seriousness, Peter Chou promised that HTC will release a phone with the latest Windows phone 7 around the end of this year.

"Not to worry, because HTC is ready to release a phone with Windows Phone 7 seemingly now are so tight issued by Microsoft," said Chou, on CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately there is no detailed information on what HTC series which will be immersed with WinPhone 7. However, there are a rumors that say, HTC Obsession will use Windows Phone 7 operating system .

Microsoft itself now has very strict rules against Windows Phone 7. Reportedly there is no vendor who met with Microsoft terms to install this operating system. Microsoft will provide a different experience in user interface from the previous operating system.

Meanwhile, Peter Chou also commented on his company's position on Google Nexus One. Although the sales figures are not too good, only sold 135,000 devices in the first 74 days, they argue that Google implement bad sales strategy that become a factor why Google Nexus One are not sold very well in the market.