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GetSafeOnline.org, an organization under the British government says, smartphone user is vulnerable for a password or PIN theft.

More than two-thirds of smartphone users allow themselves to become targets of theft password. This was stated by Internet security experts and computer GetSafeOnline.org.

GetSafeOnline.org recent data show, approximately 67 percent of those who access the Web via smartphones, allowing their password or PIN is not protected. They let the house phone number, family name or their personal email addresses can be easily accessed. This kind of habit makes the thief can easily access all the personal information of smartphone user's.

One from four smartphone users or approximately 28 percent access the web through their mobile phone. Recent data showed an increase up to 50 percent among smartphone user ages 18 to 24 years and one from six people even used to manage their financial accounts through their smartphone.

GetSafeOnline.org Managing director Tony Neate said, smartphones are the devices that most people use to access the web today.

"However, users must remember that the smartphone just like a small laptop, in which there are a lot of important information and may attract cyber crime attention," said Tony.

Get Safe Online research also indicates that one in five of smartphone owners have experienced mobile phone theft. "This is why protecting PINs and passwords are very important," he said.