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"Life is short. Have an Affair! "That is the main word used by ashleymadison.com online dating service that claims have 5 million affair members.

Ashleymadison.com own by Noel Biderman is one from many sites that offer the user to find a new date, although they already have been marriage.

Other sites that also offer or help people to have an affair are meet2cheat.com.au, affairsclub.com, lonelyhousewives.com, philanderes.com and benaughty.com

An affair usually appears in the office and ended with the discovery of lipstick on men shirt. But in this digital age has helped to hide it in a veil of the internet.

The number of men and women in ashleymadison.com are 1:2. Women who use this site divided into three categories: 1. the disappointed wife, 2. the third women and 3. A Woman who had just married. Most of them are thinking that their new marriage is not fit with their desire.