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Greenpeace has accused Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google have a significant contribution to global warming. This problem related to a source of energy that has been used to run the cloud computing.

A recent report by Greenpeace, entitled 'Make Green IT: Cloud Computing and The contribution to Climate Change' critiquing cloud computing data centers owned by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and others.

The data center was largely supported with coal, where it contributes to global warming.

Previously Greenpeace criticized Facebook for buying electricity for Facebook data centers which is use more coal than the average usage in the United States. The data center is located in Prineville Oregon who purchases electricity from Pacific Power.

Recently Greenpeace created a Facebook group asking Facebook to stop using coal energy sources.

BBC also reported that Facebook using electricity from Pacific Power which is uses more coal than anywhere else in the United States. Facebook Server is also using air cooling instead of air conditioners that can cut electricity usage.

Greenpeace is also demanding Yahoo to build data centers near Bufaalo New York, in which Yahoo can obtain hydroelectric power.