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Microsoft agreed to merge itself with Google Android on Motorola cell phones.

Obviously this is very surprising, considering that Motorola smart phones that use Android OS (Operating Systems) will be completed with Microsoft Bing search engine and providing map services.

In short, there will be a bookmark Bing search widget that run on Motorola Android phone, which will begin to be marketed in China.

This is likely related to Google's conflict with the government of China. Recently, Google announced that they are no longer censoring the search results in China even they have to close Google operations there.

The deal between Microsoft and Motorola confirmed that mobile phone vendors could safely sell the Android based devices in China.

This issue continues becoming triggers trend of other search engine setting in Google Android. By coincidence, this is exemplified by another agreement made by Motorola with AT & T operator to sell Backflip cell phones based on Android with Yahoo in it.