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According to F-Secure report on techcentral Adobe Reader application is now becoming favorite target of malicious programs attacks. Often, malicious programs hitchhike PDF files to distribute themselves.

Adobe comparatively so weak to deal with most malicious programs attacks. While in 2008 Microsoft is frequent becoming target attack of malicious programs.

F-Secure noted that in year 2008, as many as 34.55 percent of the attacks occurred in Microsoft word, while Adobe Reader only 28.61 percent. But now, 61.20 percent of the attacks occurred in Adobe Reader while of Microsoft Word is only 24.3 percent.

Microsoft today becomes safer compare to Adobe Reader because Microsoft now has run routine security surveillance and patching any holes and so the opportunity to attack Microsoft Word is very small, while Adobe only runs the updates procedure in every quarter.

The old versions of Adobe do not provide direct update services, so users should be checked for updates on the Help menu," said Sean Sullivan F -Secure's researchers.