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If you feel Tips To Quit Smoking is not enough for you, now smokers can use Facebook application designed to help smoker to stop smoking.

Charity movement in UK launch WeQuit which is a program that working together with top social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to help friends, relatives or themselves to stop smoking.

To motivate smokers to stop smoking, users of this application will be rewarded if they succeed or fined if they failed to stop smoking.

Participants can also raise money for charity and monitor the development of their friends by accessing www.WeQuit.co.uk/facebook and add the applications to social networking sites.

The launch of this application is done by No Smoking Day foundation and supported by movie stars Den Duncan Bannatyne, who was also No Smoking Day president.

"We think, to get out of the smoking habit is a challenge that can inspire and be enjoyed rather than regarded as a torture," Duncan said.

Data from Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed, in English smoking habit became common in the age of 20 to 24 years which is approximately 30 percent of British citizens who are in that age range is difficult to stop smoking. Meanwhile, people in age of 60 years and over only 13 percent were smoking.