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Don`t have BlackBerry? No problem. Now you can easily enjoy the push mail service by download Emoze push mail software. This software can be downloaded for free of charge. Emoze push mail software can be installed on Nokia phones based on Symbian or Windows based.

Emoze push mail software made in Israel, has long been known to have a good push mail services. With push mail, you don`t have to download an electronic mail. Without having to squeeze any button on your cell phone, surel will flow automatically. Just like SMS.

Push email service is the power of BlackBerry. BlackBerry users can receive surel as easy receiving SMS.

In their blog, Emoze announced that they have issued a free version. Previously, Emoze Pro version only provides as paid services.

Here are some Emoze advantages features:
* Receiving surel in HTML format
* Create multiple accounts, such as Gmail, Outlook
* Each email account will have different icons
* Receive and send attachments up to 2 MB

You can download Emoze push mail software at Emoze.com. Or if you open it from Symbian mobile phone you can download Emoze push mail software at http://m.emoze.com. This application is also available in Nokia online stores, Ovi Store.