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The appearance of Windows 7 as a replacement for Vista to be an important moment and a lot of people are waiting but some still doubt whether appropriate or not replacing them with new products from Bill Gates. And most importantly, whether your computer is "courageous" and able to serve Windows 7?

To make sure that your computer capable to use windows 7 you can use Windows 7 Upgarde Advisor (BETA). Windows 7 Upgarde Advisor (BETA) is an application or software that can help you to determine whether the hardware on your computer (eg processor, memory and others) are ready or not to run Windows 7.

In addition to ensuring the readiness of hardware (computer) to run Windows 7 but also can tell whether the "drivers" are already compatible with Windows 7.

This application can be used in Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and Vista.

At first glance, Windows 7's view does not differ greatly from Windows Vista but if any further attention, there are some improvements such as calculators and functions of Internet Explorer 8 are more efficient and functional.

Other good news is for netbooks or notebooks users that do not have a CD-rom. Beside in CD form Windows 7 will be issued in the form of a USB Flashdisk.

The use of USB Flashdisk will certainly make it easier for those who do not have a CD-Rom and certainly more Flashdisk USB Windows 7 reduce the risk of damage compared to a CD.

Bellow are some windows 7 video information :

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