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Compared with standard cell phone that can survive for three days if fully charged, the smartphone must be filled every 24 hours and even more often.

Actually, when using lithium-ion batteries, either on a laptop or smartphone, it can be arrange to get longer battery life. So here are 6 option to make your smartphone battery life longer :

1. Network Options
CDMA typically use more energy than GSM. If the smartphone batteries run out quickly, consider to replacing with GSM.

2. Screen Brightness
The brighter the screen, the higher the use of battery energy.

Lower the brightness level of your smartphone LCD screen. You can use automatic dimming device that can detect the light level of in a room.

3. Wi-Fi Controls
Your smartphone will always search for Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. So if you are outside hot spot area turn off the Wi-Fi applications to save smartphone battery energy,.

When your smartphone is not in use, you can set the phone in sleep mode. iPhone can be set through feature setting while BlackBerry can be set through Manage Connections.

4. Check the Signal Level
Smartphone will continue to look for signals. So if you are low signal area the phone will work harder to find the signal, which means more energy used up. It will be wise if you turn your smartphone of for a while until you are in strong signal area.

5. Check Email Interval
Smartphone is equipped with technology that can check email automatically or push email when there are incoming emails.

The two options above are very energy wasteful. To save more battery energy, you can turn of “push” or stretch the incoming email checks interval.

6. Disable The Animations
One of the most battery energy user is the Flash animation, the advanced technology behind many online video and animated ads.

To keep your battery life longer turn off the Flash.