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Sony reportedly was busy developing a gaming device utilizing PlayStation popularity. Sony has long focused on consumer electronics products. When Sony wanted to compete in the mobile phone market, Sony formed a joint venture with Ericsson. Currently Sony expanded their presence in the smartphone market and portable devices.

And now Sony engineers reportedly are developing a smartphone that capable to download and play a PlayStation game.

It also reportedly that Sony is developing a portable device that has a resemblance to Apple iPad tablet computers with features like e-reader and the PlayStation Portable itself.

"Sony has rejected this idea in the past, but in the moment where the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and products such as Windows Phone Series 7, they all have a game as a core feature. It's time for Sony to rethink their mobile strategies to compete back, "said Michael Gartenberg.

Sony PlayStation is a successful brand in the gaming market by offering the PlayStation console, game title and portable devices. And PlayStation 3 is the only brand that their consumer in England, United States and Japan has to spend 15% more for software in 2009.