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AVG Anti Virus Vendor reveals that Facebook is more dangerous for Internet users than Twitter. The reason is Facebook a social networking site made by Mark Zuckerberg is store more user personal information.

Lloyd Borrett, AVG spokeswoman for New Zealand and Australia region said, since last year more cyber criminals use Facebook to spread malware.

"Users should be aware of any risk that they have to be faced," said Borret.

Users should not display too much personal information. In addition users were also asked to be careful when they click on the links posted on Facebook or Twitter.

"Theft of personal identity on Facebook is more dangerous than Twitter, because you have a lot of information at your Facebook account and it is potentially harmful," said Borret.

Facebook user personal information such as email address, name and date of birth can be used by cyber criminals to break into user bank accounts or user email.

Recently, hackers returned spread virus by using Facebook email address. Email states that Facebook is doing regular maintenance so that user password has been accidentally reset. This email will make Facebook users have to confirm their password once again and then they will do something bad to you.