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Recently there is a rumor that Google reportedly build a partnership with Adobe. This cooperation happens because Google wants to strengthen their internet browsers service to beat Apple with their Safari browser.

This form of collaboration itself has announced by Adobe. Adobe Company announced that Flash Player will be included directly in Google Chrome browser in the future. This means, users do not need to download the special ad-ons to play with Flash Player.

Google Chrome with built in Flash Player will be released soon but unfortunately, Google does not say when the exact date the new Chrome browser version will be thrown into the market.

Besides creating Chrome pinned Flash Player, Google reportedly also made new API platform for the browser plugin. This new API will be built as in NPAPI in Mozilla FireFox, which has been designed for operating systems and browsers.

Basically, the purpose of the new API is to allow plugins to integrate more closely with the host browser, which in return will become benefit for users in terms of performance and security.