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Australia has launched a bionic eye prototype that is designed to restore damaged eyesight, and this bionic eye expected to be a major breakthrough since the emergence of Braille.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd which is his government committed to provide $ 42 million fund for the bionic eye project, said bionic eye could become the most important medical advances in human history.

"This project will keep Australia become a leader in bionics research, commercialization, and potentially to restore the eyesight of thousands of people in Australia and worldwide," said Ruud.

Bionic eye is designed for those who suffer from degenerative vision loss caused by retinitis pigmentosa genetic condition.

The device contains a miniature camera, the glass that captures the image and sent the image to a processor that is placed in the pocket. The processor then send a signal wirelessly to a implant unit in the eye, which then stimulates neurons in retina, and then send the images to the brain.

Although the use of bionic eyes is not provide a perfect vision, but still bionic eye is expected to make user to be able to feel the point of light in the field of vision in which the brain then able to reconstruct a complete picture.