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For the fifth time on this year, Google has made the acquisition of other company. This time to strengthen YouTube, Google has taken over EPISODIC an online video services company. The acquisition was announced in episodic blog, Friday (2/4/2010) ago.

Episodic is a start up company in San Francisco, USA founded by Noam Lovinsky and Matthias Cudich. The company provides a comprehensive platform to broadcast live video on the internet and video on demand on the web or any device that can access the web.

Basically, episodic is a video hosting service provider and internet advertising solutions in the form of video. Users have the right to manage ad placement in videos, duration, and analyze the broadcast results in real time on the web.

In addition, episodic users can also charge from their video content by inserting ads. User can also charge other people who want to see their video via credit card. However, this feature is only available for streaming services and video on demand.

So now how the episodic integration into the YouTube??? Unfortunately, there has been no further information about it. But on thing is already sure is Google fulfilling his promise to do one acquisition on each month and throughout 2010, Google has bought DocVerse, Picnik, reMail, and Aardvark.