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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Spica (i5700) now can be upgraded to the latest 2.1 Android platform versions or Eclair. Previously, Samsung Galaxy Spica is only using Android 1.6 or known as Cupcake.

Samsung Spica Galaxy User can do these upgrades via PC Studio 7, Samsung software which is already provided free of charge. PCs Studio 7 has been included in the Samsung Galaxy Spica sales package, or can be downloaded from Samsung Mobile website.

With Android 2.1, Samsung Galaxy Spica user will have richer feature options. Visual quality, synchronization, and multimedia functions like the camera which is better than the previous platform.

Samsung Galaxy Spica with Android 2.1 will be available automatically on Samsung latest product that will be released gradually from Germany to Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Asia market. So, for you who do not want have a complicated time with the upgrade process, just wait the newest Samsung Galaxy Spica handset.