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One of the common threats that come from Twitter is the threat of phishing, which attempts to trick users into dangerous sites. Phishing site aims to lure the victim to provide the data contained in a Web page, including passwords and email addresses in your contacts list.

Furthermore, the data was misused in an attempt to make profits and the perpetrators (phisers). Carding (misuse of credit cards) and spam are a few examples.

The irresponsible parties were pretend to be your friend. After getting the password from your account, they sent a personal message (Direct Message) to your twitter follower.

Usually, the message already contains a link that when opened will lead twitter users to a phishing site's web pages. This has already happened in a large scale on Twitter last month.

So here are 10 Safety Tips on Twitter :

1. Limit your conversations
The use of Twitter that often makes users easier to post a tweet about their location and activities. This kind of comments could eventually be used to determine your daily schedule and plans. Criminals could use this situation to targeting you as the next victim.

2. Be careful when opening links
Watch every link that you get. Generally, players use a URL shortening service on Twitter (for example, bit.ly), making it difficult to know whether the site is can be trusted or not. If you doubt the link do not open it.

3. The timeline and watch your inbox
When you start getting suspicious messages or your friends start to tweet spam messages, you should confirm in advance whether your partner's account had been targeted by hackers.

4. Think before you Tweet
Your tweet can be read by all people around the world. Even after you delete it, your tweet can still be seen by using search engines. Think carefully on what you write, because the impact of your writing will probably have bad impact than you expected.

5. Do not believe in someone so easily
You did not always know who is your follower on Twitter. Do not easily believe in them and make friends with people that you didn`t know very well. You will not know if they has bad intentions to you.

6. Make sure your third-party applications is secure
There are hundreds Twitter applications that you can use. Before you choose to use an application, make sure that applications are safe. Look for an application which is being discussed in the trusted sites. Remember that these applications often require your username and password.

7. Use different passwords
It would be better if the password that you use is different in each social networking accounts. For example, Facebook and Twitter accounts you are using different password. If you want more secure, create different e-mail for your social network account. Although it is a little bit need more work, this step is powerful enough to make you safe in cyberspace.

8. Notice the login settings
Check your browser settings that you use. Make sure that your information, either your username or password, unrecorded if you're using a shared computer.

9. Beware of phishing attacks
Beware of attempts to obtain your personal information through a Tweet or a Direct Message.

10. Get used to always logout
Train yourself to get used to logout every time you want to get out from Twitter. If you have a Twitter application, make sure you are always log out after you use it.