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The Internet makes April Fool much more fun. If there is a company that likes to make a good joke that has the most global impact such as Google.

Here are some Google joke for April Fool Day that has become a legend :

Google changed their name:
Google trying give their respect to Topeka a city in United States, which recently changed its name to Google. The city was hoping to become the broadband location, which was launched by Google.

Instead Google announce that they changed their name to Topeka.

Google will cut their YouTube costs:
Google said that they will cut the cost of running a video clip on their site by adding text-only modes. "There's 24 hours of video was uploaded on YouTube every minute, we support 1080p HD and upload increasing rapidly, but it also means adding the bandwidth cost," YouTube said in their blog.

"TextP is the result of months of efforts to engineer our intensive transcending. By replacing the image in the video with a series of letters and numbers, the video is much less tiring on our system and provide additional benefits to promote literacy!"

Google Search:

Enter a search in the box, and Google will tell you how long it takes to find results. A search for "space" for instance, requires 0.20 cantons.

Google Books:
Google's digital book collection can now be "viewed in 3D."

Google Docs:
Google have created a cloud computing service to a higher level and offer to hold everything from keys to a train ticket in Google Docs so that "you'll never have to worry about finding them again."

Google Translate:
Ever wanted to talk to animals? Google Translate make dreams become reality, with an Android application that translates "the words and phrases that are common to a species."

Google Voice:
Google has launched a retro voicemail service, messages will be deleted after 14 days "so you do not have to listen to them", and users can only access their voicemail on their phone, not via the web. Just like the old days.