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Apple continues long tradition in providing additional services associated with iPad battery. Apple Company guarantees, if users have problems with endurance iPad battery, Apple will immediately exchanged with the new ones.

It was no secret that all products issued by Apple, is a sealed unit, which means users can not replace the battery by their own hand. This is also requiring iPad user to send their old iPad to Apple and user will receive a replacement if there is a problem on their iPad.

"If you need the service because of iPad weaker battery, Apple will replace your iPad with additional service charge,""These services will be charged a fee of USD99 and USD6.95 for shipping cost, so the total is USD105.95," Apple said on Apple official site.

Apple itself had sold approximately 50 thousands of iPad units in just two hours. It means the average sales per hour able to reach approximately 25 thousand units.

As we all know Apple started to open iPad pre-orders since Friday, March 12, 2010. Pre-order will only apply to some countries in Europe and America and for wifi iPad that will be available for pre-order. Meanwhile, the iPad 3G version will release on the market in April.